About the group

This website is dedicated to a new moral anthropology reading group at the University of Manchester, that has been running since September 2016. We have set up the group in order to help us to investigate two sets of questions:

1. Where do morals and ethics come from? How are they taught, learnt and reproduced?
2. How are morals and ethics performed, practiced and judged? How are they interpreted and contested? What effects do emerging moralities have in their social contexts, and vice versa?

When and where?

We will be meeting every two weeks, in the glass-fronted “goldfish bowl” room on the 2nd floor of the Arthur Lewis Building. Please look at the Meetings page for details on specific dates and what we will be reading.

About me

I am a doctor, training in psychiatry. I am taking time out of training to do a PhD in social anthropology, researching the moral and civic reasoning of activists in the NHS. I am interested in activists’ views on the promises and obligations of the state and its citizens, and how these feed into their ideas regarding the social contract. In particularly, I am wondering about the symbolic role of the NHS in their thinking. Why is it so important to us as British people?

The website was designed by me, using WordPress. The posts were written by me, unless otherwise specified.

Karen Sykes is my supervisor and a co-convenor of the group.

And finally…

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information: piyush.pushkar (at) postgrad.manchester.ac.uk